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5 Hot Commercial Property Markets in 2018


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5 Hot Commercial Property Markets in 2018

Every year brings new changes in the commercial real estate marketplace. If a market was hot last year, it might have lost its luster and be overbought the next. Staying on top of the latest trends in the commercial property for sale marketplace is key to finding good deals and creating big returns.

Finding the perfect office space real estate, in particular, requires due diligence, skill, and creativity. The Rakow Group has decades in the commercial real estate market and can help with any of your commercial real estate needs. We have prepared a list of the top commercial property markets that can be found in 2018 below to help you stay on top of the market this year.

  1. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is one of the most sought after places to live in the entire USA and certainly is a hot market for commercial real estate as well. Silicon Valley is packed with wealthy venture capitalists and technology companies that are all willing to pay a pretty penny for nice commercial office space. There will certainly continue to be great commercial spaces to be found in San Francisco in 2018 and beyond.

  1. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is one of the quickest growing markets in the entire United States and is a great place to look for commercial property for sale in 2018. Job opportunities are growing and there are thousands of students graduating each year from universities like Emory, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia. Additionally, Atlanta is home to several powerhouse industries like technology, IT, film, and financial services.

  1. Austin, TX

Labor demand is extremely strong in Austin and the office market had an average vacancy of 8.3% in 2017. Both great signs for a hot commercial property market. This city has had one of the strongest economies over the past decade and continues to see growth in companies and the need for quality office space. The technology industry makes up a large portion of the economy in Austin, which means it could see continued growth in startup companies needing space.

  1. Westchester County, NY

This location is the second-most populated county in mainland New York, which means there are plenty of hot real estate deals to be found. It’s a great place to do business and also has the second highest income in New York by per capita. You can’t go wrong looking for commercial property for sale or rent in lovely Westchester County.

  1. Fairfield County, CT

Another affluent and densely populated place to check out commercial real estate in 2018 is Fairfield County, CT. This area includes some of the wealthiest communities in the entire country and is home to hundreds of successful businesses. Office space real estate here is in high demand, and there are tons of great investment opportunities. Keep an eye on the commercial real estate market in Fairfield County, CT during 2018 and beyond!

If you are seeking office space real estate or commercial property for sale, you can’t go wrong with any of the three options mentioned above. These cities are seeing exponential growth and can provide some great opportunities for savvy investors. Also, remember that Rakow Group can help you out with all of your commercial property needs!


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