February 21, 2017

5 Top Tips When Setting Up Your First Office

The key factor to a successful start-up process is growth. So when you are ready to move from your garage into your very first office, it can be an extremely exciting time. When searching for your first office you should use the Rakow Group. With years of experience searching for commercial space for rent in Westchester NY, they will be sure to find you your ideal first property.

Some obvious questions to ask yourself before moving into your first office are, “Have you thought everything through?” & “Do you know what moving physical space entails for the future of your business?”

If you have the answers to the above questions and are confident a new office is still the right decision, then take note of the following five points!

The following five points are what a start-up needs to consider when looking to open an ideal first office. These points will assist any start-up that are looking to promote success and productivity with their first office space:

Correct Location

Probably the most important factor to consider – location is critical! The ideal location should be central enough, allowing your employees to commute easily. Other factors to consider regarding your location, should be presence of competition and proximity to skilled labor. Should you work directly with clients, you should also go for a location with your customer base close.

Is It Really Necessary?

You should ask yourself whether your start-up really requires a dedicated 24/7 office. Office spaces are expensive. One option you can consider is having a part-time space in a shared office environment. This option offers you flexibility as well as being cost-effective. It can keep your costs down whilst your start-ups cash flow becomes more steady.

Make It Yours

When taking charge of your workspace, ensure you feel comfortable and satisfied with your decision. You should feel an empowering effect as it will lead to an increase in productivity for yourself and your colleagues. Don´t focus on filling your office with expensive equipment and designer furnishings. Instead, put your own spin on your office environment. You should make the space engaging for your employees, so the business´ objective is clear to everyone from the outset.

Keep Costs Low

When you think about it, there are a huge number of successful companies that started from their garage or home. You should always remember that you can upgrade your office space once your business starts becoming successful. A very important factor for any start-up to consider is keeping costs low in the beginning.

It´s not necessary to have a saltwater fish tank or a leather sofa; but instead a desk, a chair, a telephone and the internet. Instead of spending money on fancy furnishings, focus on your workforce. Find employees that are prepared to driving your business forward or reward current employees who are achieving and succeeding.

Consider A Co-Working Space

Without a doubt, the best place to start for any start-up is a shared space or co-working space. The price that you pay includes everything from utilities to furniture and internet to car parking. This leaves you with very low overhead costs meaning more resources available to drive your business forward.

Another positive of co-working spaces is the fact you will always be surrounded by like-minded individuals. People who are constantly creative and energetic can be a massively positive influence on your business as well as your workforce. The environment created, will allow you to get your creative juices flowing as well as being a collaborative space where everyone feels welcome.

For an industry expert’s advice on everything you need to know when searching for commercial space for rent in Westchester NY, contact the Rakow Group. For years they have been assisting start-ups find their ideal first office. Get in touch with them today to see how they can help you and your start-up take a big step when considering your first property.

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