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5 Types of Commercial Property


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5 Types of Commercial Property

Commercial property is a very diverse and intriguing option for investors or businesses looking for places to house their companies or opportunities to make some nice profits. It includes several different types of property, each with their own unique set of characteristics and advantages.  If you’re seeking commercial property for rent or sale, it’s a great idea to narrow down what specific property type you are looking for. Rakow Commercial Realty Group has been working in commercial real estate for over three decades and would love the opportunity to help you with any of your office space real estate for sale needs.

  1. Industrial Space

Industrial space is a diverse property type that can be used as warehouses and shipping facilities. Sometimes, the properties are even able to connect directly to train cars for loading and unloading. You can manufacture and house physical goods in these properties as well, making them very valuable for many businesses.

  1. Retail Space

This type of commercial property space refers to real estate intended for selling goods to consumers. Restaurants are included here, as well as larger shopping centers with “Anchor” tenants like Best Buy or PetSmart. Even outlet malls fall under this lucrative category. Finding your ideal retail property for lease with the help of Rakow Commercial Realty group is a breeze.

  1. Office Buildings

You’ve seen them in every city in America. Tall awe-inspiring skyscrapers, smaller professional buildings, and even single-tenant properties can all fall under the office building property type. These are properties designed strictly for office space. It’s an option that can provide consistent returns on investment over a long period of time.

  1. Land

This property type refers to investment properties that are essentially undeveloped land. The land is normally on its way to becoming something more developed. It’s more speculative in its nature, but purchasing land can certainly be very profitable.

  1. Multifamily Property

This category typically consists of apartments and high-rise condo buildings where people can either buy or rent places to live. With this property type, the potential for stable long-term returns is always on the table due to the necessity for apartments in larger cities.

The five types of commercial property above all provide different advantages and disadvantages according to your own personal business needs. If you’d like any advice regarding commercial property for sale or lease, please reach out to the Rakow Commercial Realty Group today.


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