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What Tenants, Owners, And Buyers Can Expect From Rakow

The Rakow Group offers a range of services in the field of commercial real estate. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed the expectations of our clients. The longevity of our presence as a business in the competitive market that is Westchester County commercial real estate speaks for itself. No matter whether you’re a prospective tenant, owner, or buyer, we can help. Here is what you can expect from us with regards to our commercial property for lease, to buy, to rent, or to sell in the counties of Westchester and Fairfield.

Tenant Representation

Many people do not fully recognize the extent of their rights as tenants. Sometimes property owners will take advantage of aspects of a lease that put tenants at a disadvantage. That’s why it’s important to always read the fine print of a lease before signing. Moreover, once a lease expires and the time comes to either move on or renew, there’s always the opportunity to renegotiate the terms. Rakow will guide you to establishing terms for your lease, whether it’s for a renewal or a new lease. With our help, you and your business can flourish. Whether it’s part of a relocation process or the opening of a new business, our consulting services for lease negotiations will help save you money and headaches with your landlord.

Owner Representation

Just as we believe that tenants deserve professional guidance, such is also the case for the property owners. Landlords must place a lot of faith in their tenants. At the end of the day, landlords have every right to want to establish certain terms that create incentive for their tenants to do their part in maintaining the property. In order to do so, owners must know the intricacies of what is and isn’t plausible and fair to include in their lease. Rakow Group will consult property owners and also accelerate the process of finding prospective buyers and renters with our top of the line commercial real estate networking services.

Buyer Representation

There’s a lot of weight that comes with the purchase of commercial property. Poor research and a lack of background could leave you deeply in debt with no sign of leasing or reselling for profit. On the other hand, with the right team working with you, you can find the perfect property for your company. Whatever your commercial property acquisitions may be, our 30 plus years in the business leave us well equipped to respond effectively.

If you’d like to learn more about the Rakow Group’s services in commercial property for lease, to buy, to rent, give us a call today at (914) 758-0220.

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How To Sell Your Office Space

Selling real estate is rarely easy. Commercial office space is no exception. Defining a price that accurately represents the value of the property while staying within the range of competitors’ prices is the first challenge. In addition to pricing, there’s also the process of improving and maintaining quality for prospective buyers. Not to mention that it’s always advantageous to expand the kinds of amenities the property includes for a competitive edge. That’s just the tip of iceberg. In general, selling office space is overwhelming. And in order to be effective, one needs the attention of an expert. If you have commercial property for sale, these tips will help you do the job right. With these tips, you’ll find the right buyers for an optimal price.

Make it as easy as possible for people to find you

Effective marketing is vital. You want to maximize the number of people you attract to your office space so that you can hopefully facilitate some bidding between competing prospective buyers. In order for people to discover your office, you need to make yourself exceptionally available. To this effect, your best friend is the Internet. Websites in the digital age are the first step all prospective buyers are taking in their search for a space. Our team will make sure to assist you in listing your property in all of the most frequented websites for commercial property in Westchester, Fairfield, and surround areas. And we’ll make sure the listing is front and center.

Connect to buyers with a personable story

Piggybacking off of the last point, you want to take full advantage of the Internet. Bill Gates once said that “content is king”. By creating a blog to tell the story of the various memorable things that may have happened on this property, you can build a means of connecting on a personal level. Similarly, sending our press releases insert this property into the news through other means than just putting up an ad will serve you well. Even if it seems boring, engaging content will often end up making a noticeable difference in the kind of traffic you attract.

Utilize social media

In addition to a blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even making some YouTube videos can all help get people chattering. This allows you to connect with professionals throughout the Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield areas. Even if the people with you whom you directly connect via these networks aren’t currently interested in buying a property, you’ll still have planted the seed in the even that one or several of them know someone else who may be interested.

Be patient and hold on to your contacts

Buying and selling commercial office space is not the same as buying a pair of flip flops. It doesn’t happen immediately and it’s important to remember that. If you try to pressure someone to rush into a decision you risk losing their interest completely. Any time anyone shows the least bit of interest and agrees to exchange contact information, you should keep them in mind as a potential buyer. Who knows, they may not be ready to buy tomorrow. But they just might in a week, month, or even a couple years.

The Rakow Group is a team of experts in the industry of commercial property for sale and for lease. We assist buyers, sellers, and tenants with search and subsequent negotiation of terms for contracts in commercial properties across multiple industries in Westchester and Fairfield Counties and surrounding areas. To learn more about our services, give Rakow Group a call at (914) 758-0220.


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What You Should Know About The Rakow Group Team

The Rakow Group wouldn’t be the three decade strong Westchester commercial real estate power house that it is today without the people who represent it. Our longevity as a company is the product of hard work, loyalty, perseverance, and devotion to providing the best possible results to our clients every day. It is thanks to our team, which works round the clock day in and day out, that so many new as well as seasoned business owners look to us for guidance with opening new offices and/or relocating old ones. Here’s a bit of background on the experts you can expect to deliver results for your company.

Rick Rakow

Rick Rakow developed as a commercial real estate expert upon spending a decade representing a property owner who owned some 2 million square feet of space. During these years, he was able to gather data and extract certain trends from tenants of these properties. What he noticed was that tenants were hiring external real estate experts to help them optimize the terms of their leases. This allowed them to gain a valuable advantage during negotiations with their landlords, who have far more experience with these types of business transactions. With this knowledge, Mr. Rakow opened the Rakow Group we know today. Rick Rakow is the heart and soul of the company. He is the founder and CEO, and has been in the business for over 30 years.

Paul Moulins

Paul Moulins is in charge of the leasing and sale of retail and industrial properties. He is also an expert in conversion sites and property development. He is the most experienced agent on the team and it shows in his work. To illustrate his expertise, consider his latest transaction, in which he facilitated of an industrial site that is 99 acres. He’s also facilitated sales and leases of warehouse spaces, the relocation of company headquarters, and even medical offices, all of which were well over 10,000 square feet. Mr. Moulins’ range in experience and his ability to communicate clearly and patiently with clients has allowed him to flourish as an agent at Rakow.

David Richman

Mr. Richman specializes in broking and consulting for Rakow. He is the man to turn to when clients wish to establish optimal terms for their leases and sales during negotiations with prospective tenants, buyers, renters, and sellers. He is also the person to ask for business owners in search of locations, as Richman has a history working with property owners in the area that goes unmatched by competitors. Over his 15 years of experience in the field, Richman gained extensive knowledge and skill, allowing him to be an exceptionally effective and productive member to the Rakow team.

These are just three of our continually expanding team of commercial real estate experts. We are always looking to learn and improve, as we continue to provide the best commercial property for rent and commercial property for sale services anywhere in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. For more information, please call us at (914) 758-0220.

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Why Choose Data Over Seasonal Trends When Deciding When To Buy?

Rakow Group’s services include guidance with locating and connecting with commercial property owners and also help negotiating optimal deals that will help benefit your company. We offer assistance in commercial property for sale, for lease, or to buy in and around Westchester County and Fairfield County.

History shows that commercial real estate has some recurring themes to it. The rise and fall of the commercial property market seems to come and go in cycles. This has led many to believe there’s a certain seasonal logic to it all. For example, there always seems to be an uptick in sales around holidays and vacation seasons. Tax deadlines, which inherently have a cyclical nature to them, also likely have an impact on the state of the market. But at the end of the day, these are little more than relatively arbitrary educated guesses. It’s 2017 and we are in the age of information, meaning that educated guesses won’t suffice. With online analytics tools we can more effectively anticipate the trajectory of the market based not on the season but on cold hard data. Here’s what the data shows.

Seasonality has greater implications on sales than leases

Seasonality is not a myth. But it’s important to use the resources we have available to better understand the root of these trends. For example, in the past, the assumption was that the end of the year, due to the holiday season and tax deadlines, was incentive for all forms of real estate across the board to accelerate. But research from studies using digital analytics tools shows that sales tend to rise far more than leases do in December. This was reportedly mostly due to the fact that the implications for taxes among buyers and sellers are far more costly for sales than they are for renters.

There’s no definitive data to support advantages by any quarter other than the fourth

While there is indeed concrete evidence to suggest that sales tend to increase in December, there is little to suggest there’s any high or low season at any other time of year. Leasing, unlike sales, does not show any sign of the time of year having an impact on the amount of transactions even in December. March tends to be high for both sales and leases, but experts say there’s not enough data to label this a trend.

What this means for you

In short, there’s more to determining when the right to time to buy or sell is than just the time of year. The market tends to fluctuate on an assortment of other variables that require close monitoring from commercial real estate experts. With the collection of digital data, a firm understanding the evolving trends of the market in Westchester and Fairfield Counties over the past thirty years, and close relations with many of the other property owners in the surrounding areas, Rakow Group can help you make the purchase or sale of commercial property that your company deserves.

For more information on our services in commercial property for sale, to buy, or to lease in Westchester of Fairfield, give Rakow Group a call today at (914) 758-0220.

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The Bottom Line On Why Rakow Is Right For You

There’s really no denying the fact that Rakow clients have a lot going for them. They are working with some of the most skilled and experienced commercial real estate experts in three counties. Whether they’re looking to lease, buy, rent, or sell office space, a retail store, warehouse and storage space, or medical office space, Rakow has had them covered since the 1980s. Since their inception, they’ve only grown in size and skill, allowing them to expand their reach and perfect their craft in the commercial real estate industry. The bottom line is that Rakow is the way to go, and here is why.

We’ll make the search significantly easier

Finding the right space is a hassle in and of itself. Figuring out what websites have reliable listings that fit your criteria takes time that many people don’t have. Not to mention that whatever you see online always has the potential of being the stark contrary in real life. You’ll have to take time to visit and inspect each property before making a decision. Especially if you’re hoping to relocate your already active business, this kind of a time commitment can take its toll. But with our knowledge of the many industries that operate in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties coupled with our expansive network of offices and warehouses and our background working with property owners in the area, you can rest assured that you’ll find the exact right place in a fraction of the time if would have taken you had you tried to take this burden on alone.

We’ll make sure the negotiation concludes in your favor

Once you settle on a place that you think will best serve the purposes of your company while fitting within your budget, the next step is defining the terms of the sale or lease. This can be a complex endeavor with lasting implications. Poor negotiations have the potential to put the very future of your business in jeopardy, since property costs and rent are often the single largest expense to businesses. Especially for industries such as medicine, in which there added requirements to a property, understanding the appropriate costs for each installation are integral to an effective negotiation. Our team knows everything there is to know about medical office space and multiple other industries as well.

Our goal is to maximize your business’s bottom line by finding you the perfect space and defining terms that will be most advantageous to you and your company. We will facilitate a healthy professional relationship between you and your tenants, buyers, sellers, or landlord. And in the end, we’re confident that you will go home happy. To learn more about our commercial property for lease, sale, or purchase in Westchester and Fairfield County and surrounding areas, call Rakow Group at (914) 758-0220.

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industrial property for sale Putnam County

The Commercial Real Estate Leasing Starter Kit

Rakow Group is a retail, medical, and industrial property for sale Putnam County company. Our services include searching, networking, consulting, and negotiating for rent, lease, purchase, or sale of commercial property.

The Rakow Group team knows a thing or two about commercial real estate. We’ve been working in this industry for three decades. Our longtime experience is in commercial real estate in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties. Drawing from the testimonials of our past clients, you can judge for yourself whether our advice is sound. Here are the criteria that we follow in order to ensure that our clients always remain happy.

Build a trusting relationship with the client

Our top priority always has been and always will be our clients. In order for us to do our jobs well, we need to understand our clients’ industries, businesses, and goals. We make it our mission to listen closely to what our clients consider to be important to their business succeeding. We then think critically about what we can contribute in order to help assist them in achieving their goals.

Offer a range of solution to the client

After speaking with and listening intently to our clients about their companies’ backgrounds, where they see things going in the future, and how a change or expansion in real estate factors into their plans, we then take time to map out different possible solutions to their problems. We work hard to determine what would be the most effectual plan of action moving forward.

Build partnerships for future business endeavors

Our relations with various landlords and property owners in our many targeted service areas have allowed us to streamline the process of locating the perfect property for our clients and getting them into negotiations. We’ve spent the past three decades establishing and strengthening these relations. And with these close ties we’ve managed to do our job even better with each year.

Attract new clientele

We’re always open for new business. We’re proud of the way we have managed to help so many people find the spaces they need to run their businesses. Whether your company is in retail, medicine, industrial, apartments, or something else, we’re confident that we have the expertise you need.

If you want to know more about Rakow Group’s industrial property for sale Putnam County services, get in touch by calling (914) 758-0220 today.

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The Advantages Of Rakow Group’s Close Relations With Local Landlords

Industrial Property for Sale Putnam County

Rakow Group, an industrial property for sale Putnam County company, not only has inside knowledge about the pros and cons of every commercial property in Putnam, Westchester, and Fairfield Counties, but also solid connections with the landlords who own them. Sustaining long and healthy professional relations with property owners in New York and Connecticut has allowed Rakow Group to connect its clients to workspaces that perfectly fit their causes for over thirty years.

“We’ve been very fortunate to be able to grow our practice. And as we’ve grown, we’ve found that we needed additional space. Rakow Group’s relationship with the landlord helped us tremendously. We’re very happy with the results,” noted Citrin Cooperman Managing Partner Alan Badey of the White Plains office.

Here’s how Rakow can help in your exhausting search for commercial real estate for rent, purchase, or sale.

1. Landlords will suddenly start answering the phone

If you’ve spent any time trying to search for workspace independently, then surely you know what we’re referring to. Have you ever noticed that no one ever seems to pick up when you call the number on the sign? No one ever seems to call you back either. It makes you wonder why they’d even post the sign in the first place.

The truth is that by operating with a tenant representative broker who has a sufficient amount of credibility, you suddenly become a much more attractive candidate. That’s because you ensure not only that you’re genuinely interested in the property, but also that you likely have the financial stability to follow through in that interest.

Our clients can walk in the door accompanied by one of us. We are a firm that negotiates +/- 150 transactions every year and garner the LL’s respect, rather than a one off deal.

2. You can receive consultation regarding whether to buy or to lease

Some people believe that they can handle the burden of finding a commercial space that fits their needs on their own. The assumption is that with enough research and an understanding of priorities, that a third party broker isn’t necessary. In reality, you will end up saving more money if you take advantage of the necessary professional assistance.

3. You’ll have the advantage of showing contracts to a trained professional

Commercial real estate is complicated. However complex you may think it may be is in all likelihood not even close to the reality. CRE is chock full of technical jargon, loopholes, and hidden costs. Trying to tackle a lease, purchase or sale with terms defined in a contract on your own is a recipe for disaster. It is important to do your research. But it’s equally important to work with someone who truly understands the market, the local properties, and the individuals with whom you intend to do business.

We want to help your company flourish by finding you the perfect commercial space. As the leading industrial property for sale Putnam County company, we have the history to prove it. We also specialize in retail real estate, medical office space, and other commercial properties. Contact us today at (914) 758-0220.

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How Rakow Found The Perfect Facility For The Food Bank

Commercial Property for Lease Westchester NY

The exceptionally humble yet proactive folks at the Food Bank in Westchester are on a mission. They believe no one should go hungry or fall ill due to poor or inadequate diet in Westchester County. And that having access to healthy and nutritious food is a fundamental right for everyone. And they pursue this mission by organizing, leading, hosting, and managing hunger action programs throughout the area.

How Success Has Led To The Need For Relocation

The Food Bank team in Westchester inches closer to eradicating hunger each day. With their drive and ambition, they’ve managed to expand in size. This allowed them to feed more hungry people in and around Westchester County. With this success came the need to relocate to a larger and more accessible facility. They also wanted to have closer proximity to the folks that they’ve been striving to feed.

The Vitality of Choosing The Right New Space

Whenever businesses and organizations require relocation, a lot rides on the quality of the new facility. Relocation should be a statement of success. But poor research and a rushed decision could lead to the relocation sending the opposite message. The Food Bank had the good fortune of working with Rakow Group. Our expertise enabled them to find exactly what they needed to further their cause.

“Our previous facility was too small and really too far away from our agencies that we served. Rakow explored every viable property and found a facility that more efficiently addresses the needs of people who are hungry in Westchester,” commented Food Bank for Westchester President and CEO Leslie Gordon.

Rakow’s Contribution

Rakow’s team was able to draw from its expansive network of commercial properties in and around Westchester County. Their decades of experience has allowed them to become the number 1 experts in the area on commercial real estate.

Knowing the properties is only half the battle. Knowing the client is equally important. That’s why the Rakow team takes its time with each client to learn every subtle detail. We want to know the kind of property you’re looking for and the nature of your business. We draw as much information as possible that might be instrumental towards finding the perfect property.

Rakow Group is the leading commercial real estate company in Westchester County. They offer not only industrial property for sale Putnam County services, but also retail property, medical office space, and many other commercial property for rent, lease, sale, and purchase services in the counties of Putnam, Westchester, and Fairfield. Contact the Rakow Group today by calling (914) 758-0220 and ask us about our for commercial property for lease Westchester NY expertise.

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What Kinds Of Results To Expect From Rakow Group’s Commercial Real Estate Services

Why are so many businesses choosing Rakow Group as their go-to commercial real estate company? What led to Rakow becoming the leading industrial space for rent Putnam County provider?

They Assist In Strong But Fair Negotiations Between Tenants and Landlords

Rakow leverages its expert understanding of the properties in Putnam County, Westchester County, and Fairfield County. They know how the commercial real estate market works, enabling them to deliver to clients the best possible deals. Their goal is always to ensure that all participating parties come out of the negotiations satisfied. This in turn leads to stronger relations in the long term between property owner and tenant.

“One of the things we take great pride in is negotiating hard for our tenants to get them the lowest rent and packages that include free rent and tenant build-out, but we leave them with a good working relationship with their landlord where both parties of the transaction benefit,” said CEO Rick Rakow.

They Fight To Secure Optimal Terms For Their Clients’ Contracts

Regardless of your industry, the real estate business is always far more convoluted than what first meets the eye. On the surface, there isn’t much beyond deciding whether or not you like a space and its price. But as one inches closer to closing the deal, the terms become increasingly difficult to follow. That’s why it’s always favorable to include someone who has been through this thousands of times.

“Accounting firms have very specific needs. As a result of Rakow’s assistance, we were able to secure an extended lease, take additional space, and all in terms that were favorable to Citrin Cooperman. We were very happy with the results,” said Alan Badey, Managing Partner for Citrin Cooperman in White Plains.

They Search Long And Hard

Rakow Group has been in this business for over 30 years. We have unique access and insight into the markets in Putnam County and surrounding areas. Whenever Rakow has a new client, we draw from information regarding the present status of the local market. We combine this information with all of the knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the years.

“When we look for a new space for a tenant, we scour the market to try and find the right office building, industrial building, retail building, medical building, apartment building, mixed use building, or whatever they’re looking for, based on their criteria, and then we help negotiate the best price that we can,” said Rick Rakow.

For questions and inquiries about our industrial space for rent Putnam County services, give us a call at (914) 758-0220.

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Why PURE Insurance Chose Rakow

Commercial Property for Lease Westchester NY

PURE Insurance, short for Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange, is a casualty and property insurer. Their mission is to protect families of high net-worth who have a lot to potentially lose from insurance claims, fraud and poor insurance mismanagement. PURE also provides cyber fraud protection, as identity theft has increasingly become a concern for financially successful families. Here’s how Rakow Group’s local commercial property for lease Westchester NY and Fairfield CT services were able to help.

Over the years, PURE has grown from a small local business to one of the primary go-to insurers in Westchester County and beyond. Their success is attributable in part to having found the perfect space to place their headquarters. Choosing the right workspace is crucial to any business’s ability to flourish. And with the help of Rakow Group, a company with over 30 years of experience, they managed to do just that.

“When PURE first started and decided to be in Westchester County, it was helpful to have Rakow on our side. It was clear that Rakow really understood the Westchester market. He was genuinely great at that. And that expertise helped us pick the right space,” said PURE Insurance President and CEO Ross Buchmueller.

About Rakow

Rakow Group is a company that has stood the test of time, thanks to their extensive knowledge on the Westchester and Fairfield markets. In addition to knowing the market inside and out, they also provide invaluable guidance and advice for negotiations with landlords and commercial property owners. They are equally versed in commercial property for lease, rent, purchase, and sale. So regardless of your objective, Rakow surely has the skills to help you reach it.

They also walk you through the entire process. Many clients often don’t know precisely what it is they want yet. With Rakow’s guidance, they have the opportunity to more effectively prioritize. Variables such as size, location, desired amenities and budget, among several others are all useful factors to consider. This helps narrow the search, saving on time and costs. And when it’s all said and done, each party arrives at an agreement that allows for a healthy and long lasting professional relationship between tenant and landlord or buyer and seller.

Rakow has provided its expert commercial real estate search, networking, and consulting services to clients of multiple industries. That includes but is not limited to general office use, medical practices, retail stores, and industrial / warehouse and storage. Their expertise reach all throughout Westchester County in New York and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

We Want To Hear From You

To learn more about why so many businesses are choosing Rakow for commercial property for lease Westchester NY services, give them a call at (914) 758-0220.

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