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Commercial Properties For Sale Westchester NY


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Commercial Properties For Sale Westchester NY

Find out what makes Rakow Group the best Commercial Properties For Sale Westchester NY Company Around

It has been over thirty years since the inception of what is now the leading commercial real estate leasing and selling consulting company in Westchester. Rakow Group has boasted the most reliable services, yielding the best results in the industry for decades. That’s because we have mastered the skill set of adapting to a constantly evolving market. Through experience, ambition, and the desire to deliver quality to each and every one of our clients, we have managed to not only remain competitive, but to become one of the leading names in our field.

Our priority has always been to deliver the advice, negotiating power, and resources our clients need to make things happen. Since our first day on the job, we have consistently placed our focus on producing real life, actual results. Our network and expertise reach into the office, medical, retail and industrial markets. These connections allow us to provide the best possible advice to our clients, so that they can find the best available commercial space for their company’s needs.

We follow all of the latest trends and have the background to know what implications these trends would have on our clients. We use these skills to make accurate predictions on where the market is going. Nowhere else will you get the attention that you get from us.

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Time Saver:

Some people believe that searching for real estate is a relatively intuitive activity. They think that so long as they read a few blog articles on the essentials that their gut feeling will carry them to the best available option. This could not be further from the truth. Trying to do it yourself leaves with limited resources and a far longer time commitment. By the time you find something you like, you will have lost months that can’t get back. And you will never really know whether you chose right because there was never an expert present.

Customized Consulting Services Based On Your Business And Its Priorities:

If there’s one thing that 30 years in the business has taught it’s that every client is different. We take up that challenge in stride. By choosing Rakow, you will be choosing a company that adapts its services, business model, and consulting strategy with each client, based on his or her individual circumstances. What size office are you searching for? How important is transport for your employees? How many employees do you have? With what kind of equipment will you be occupying your commercial space? We examine each of these questions down to the finest detail.


Running a company can get expensive. Among the biggest expenditures a company can have is paying the rent. That’s why it’s in the business owner’s best interest to minimize thost costs as much as possible, by including a professional who knows the business inside out into the equation. That’s where we come in.

Are you ready to land your company the best commercial space around? Call Commercial Properties For Sale Westchester NY company Rakow Group to set up your first consultation. You can reach us at 914-422-0100 Ext 13.