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No one understands the commercial property for lease Putnam County industry better than us. The Rakow Group boasts 30 years worth of experience, expanding our knowledge with each and every year on the job. We’re not only proud of how far we’ve come, but also excited about what the future will bring us. It’s our pleasure to introduce to an ever-expanding group of clients our wealth of knowledge on how to locate and secure the highest quality properties for lease in New York and to help negotiate for the best possible costs. These are the benefits you stand to gain by allowing Rakow Group the privilege of assisting you in your search for the perfect commercial property for lease in and around Putnam County, New York.

You Can Save Time and Take Advantage of Quality Consulting Services

Get the job done quickly and effectively, so that you can allocate your time to more important matters. The search for office space to lease in and of itself is a chore because there are so many options out there, most of which to not fit into your criteria. Then, on top of that, once you finally find a place that you like, there’s the tedious, seemingly endless process of working out the kinks of a deal, negotiating, and finalizing a lease. And once it’s finished, you won’t be able to help but wonder whether you got the short end of the stick.

Well, with the guidance of the Rakow Group team of seasoned experts, you’ll be able to set those doubts and distractions aside. We’ll find you the property that’s perfect for you and your agenda in a fraction of the time that it would take you if you were to perform the search independently. Additionally, once you find it, we will consult and guide you through the negotiation process. By the time you sign the lease, you’ll know for sure that you’ll be getting the best possible deal for this property.


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A Team That Knows The Business Cares About The Clients

The good folks of Rakow Group know and understand the amount of trust and responsibility you place in our hands by choosing us as your primary commercial real estate consultants. We understand that running a business resembles in many ways raising a child, and that you will protect it from the core of your being. We also understand that rent for office space often ends up being the single most costly monthly expenditure that a company owner must endure. 

Make no mistake. We are fully aware of the gravity of the amount of trust you must place in us, and we embrace it with pride and confidence. That’s because we know that we can deliver to you the results you need for your company to flourish. We know that we have the resources, experience, and knowledge to land you the property of your dreams.

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