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Financial Commitments of Renting Commercial Property


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Financial Commitments of Renting Commercial Property

If your business is seeking commercial property for rent, there are quite a few financial commitments you should consider prior to making any final decisions. You need to make sure that the commercial property for rent meets your budget and business requirements. Office space real estate or industrial space for rent can cost your business lots of money if you don’t understand the financial implications of the space. Rakow Group can help you understand what the monthly costs for a property might be and help you find the right commercial property for rent.

Financially, renting can actually make a lot of sense for your business. The upfront costs can be low and offer the opportunity to find a space for your business that doesn’t require the same large cash outlay that buying does. That being said, there are certain costs that you will have to incur when renting commercial property. Let’s take a look at a few of those financial commitments below.

  1. Security Deposit

It’s quite common for a landlord to ask for a security deposit upfront in order to rent commercial property. The security deposit allows the landlord a form of insurance if there are damages or financial issues that the business leasing the property can’t handle. For example, if you end up damaging your commercial property for rent, the landlord can deduct the cost directly from your security deposit. On the other hand, if your landlord doesn’t need to use the security deposit, you will typically get it back at the end of the lease.

  1. Rental Costs

There are obviously rental costs associated with commercial property for rent. You will agree to a monthly rent price when you are negotiating the contract. This is a monthly dollar amount that will be due each month on a specific date for the duration of the lease. It’s important to choose commercial property for rent that meets your budgetary requirements prior to signing any contract.

  1. Utility Bills

The business leasing a commercial property is typically responsible for the utility costs for the property. This can fluctuate from month to month, which means it’s important to do a little bit of research to determine what that range might be. You don’t want to underestimate what the utility costs might be. That can be a very expensive mistake to make with commercial property for rent.


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