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Haz-Mat Disposal And HIPAA: The Added Legwork Of Renting Medical Office Space


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Haz-Mat Disposal And HIPAA: The Added Legwork Of Renting Medical Office Space

The Rakow Group works hard to open doors to its clients. We make it our mission to make available all of the necessary resources necessary. We want our clients to arrive at a lucrative and profitable deal. When it comes to medical office property for rent Fairfield County services, we’re the team you want by your side. Below are some useful tips on how to dodge a bad deal.

What To Know About Haz-Mat Disposal

If you need to draw blood or expose any fluids that may contain contagious illnesses and potentially qualify as hazardous materials in your workplace as part of your profession, you will need to establish a means of safely and securely disposing of that waste through a separate vessel than the one you use for the rest of your garbage.

Such is also the case if you use equipment that releases radiation, such as X-ray and C-T scan machines. This entails your handling and disposing of materials that are radioactive. There could be serious repercussions to an individual’s health upon him or her unknowingly handling a radioactive substance or piece of equipment without the proper protection. It’s for this reason that regulations are so tight.

What Happens If You Don’t Meet Requirements

If you fail to comply with this regulation, you run the risk of endangering yourself, your colleagues, your patients, the others who are occupying the building, and the folks who handle your garbage. Additionally, you face the possibility of failing inspection. If that happens, you’ll have to close your office and potentially face legal action. That will also likely result in you having to pay a fine to your landlord.

Who To Talk To In Order To Remain In Compliance

To prevent this from happening, speak to all resources that you have at your disposal. The goal is to arrive at a unanimous agreement on how to resolve the issue. That includes a company who specializes in installing and handling medical equipment, your landlord, any government officials who would have to approve of any plans, and perhaps most importantly, a commercial real estate expert with experience dealing with medical office space.

HIPAA Rules To Discuss With Landlord

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act legally protects the medical information of all patients. Health professionals have the legal obligation of protecting the information of their patients from unauthorized beings. That presumably includes the owner of the property. This could be a point of tension for some property owners, as it implies that they will not have permission to access parts of their own property. This is something you’ll have to discuss in advance, so as to ensure a healthy and long-lasting professional relationship.

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