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What Kinds Of Results To Expect From Rakow Group’s Commercial Real Estate Services


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What Kinds Of Results To Expect From Rakow Group’s Commercial Real Estate Services

Why are so many businesses choosing Rakow Group as their go-to commercial real estate company? What led to Rakow becoming the leading industrial space for rent Putnam County provider?

They Assist In Strong But Fair Negotiations Between Tenants and Landlords

Rakow leverages its expert understanding of the properties in Putnam County, Westchester County, and Fairfield County. They know how the commercial real estate market works, enabling them to deliver to clients the best possible deals. Their goal is always to ensure that all participating parties come out of the negotiations satisfied. This in turn leads to stronger relations in the long term between property owner and tenant.

“One of the things we take great pride in is negotiating hard for our tenants to get them the lowest rent and packages that include free rent and tenant build-out, but we leave them with a good working relationship with their landlord where both parties of the transaction benefit,” said CEO Rick Rakow.

They Fight To Secure Optimal Terms For Their Clients’ Contracts

Regardless of your industry, the real estate business is always far more convoluted than what first meets the eye. On the surface, there isn’t much beyond deciding whether or not you like a space and its price. But as one inches closer to closing the deal, the terms become increasingly difficult to follow. That’s why it’s always favorable to include someone who has been through this thousands of times.

“Accounting firms have very specific needs. As a result of Rakow’s assistance, we were able to secure an extended lease, take additional space, and all in terms that were favorable to Citrin Cooperman. We were very happy with the results,” said Alan Badey, Managing Partner for Citrin Cooperman in White Plains.

They Search Long And Hard

Rakow Group has been in this business for over 30 years. We have unique access and insight into the markets in Putnam County and surrounding areas. Whenever Rakow has a new client, we draw from information regarding the present status of the local market. We combine this information with all of the knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the years.

“When we look for a new space for a tenant, we scour the market to try and find the right office building, industrial building, retail building, medical building, apartment building, mixed use building, or whatever they’re looking for, based on their criteria, and then we help negotiate the best price that we can,” said Rick Rakow.

For questions and inquiries about our industrial space for rent Putnam County services, give us a call at (914) 758-0220.


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