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Medical Office Space For Rent Fairfield County


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Medical Office Space For Rent Fairfield County

We are proud of the fact that we’ve spent the past 30 odd years perfecting our craft. A lot has changed over these past three decades, and not all of our competitors can say they’ve survived through it all. That’s why we take pride in our longevity, our ambition, and our drive to deliver the best possible service to each and every one of our clients. Here’s what you stand to gain by choosing Rakow Group as your Medical Office Space For Rent Fairfield County, Connecticut services provider.

We Are Great Collaborators

What entails the perfect medical office space for rent for you? That’s probably not the kind of question that you could answer in a word. Yet, all too many commercial real estate companies would love for that to be the case. Not us. Rakow Group recognizes and respects that every client is different. Over the past thirty years in the industry, we have managed to master the balance between our experience and your priorities. Our greatest attribute, the one that separates us from the competition, is our ability to truly listen to our clients. We want to work with you to arrive at the greatest possible conclusion.



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We Provide Consultation Services

You deserve to work with the best advisors in Connecticut. Without the right people, you could end up backing yourself into a corner that you end up paying for over the next several years. Commercial real estate is complicated. Nowhere is that truer than in medical offices. That’s why it should be your priority to surround yourself with professionals who understand the industry inside out. Our priority will always be for you, our client, to end up on top. That’s why we would like to advise you each step of the way, so that together we can get you to where you want to be.

We Assist In Negotiations

  • After the long and exhausting process of researching properties, weighing their costs and benefits, investigating their safety and security, performing background checks, learning about their location and comparing with the other possibilities, the time comes for you to sit down and talk turkey. While tenants don’t always have a tremendous amount of influence at the negotiating table, the more informed you are, the better. That holds true for any circumstance that involves the handling of money. That’s why it’s always best to involve experts who can advise you on how to get the best possible deal for your medical office space for rent.


The Rakow group worked tirelessly to find me the perfect space for my recently opened Kumon Learning Center in Mt Kisco. Matt's knowledge of the local market and his patience dealing with a first time business owner were key to Rakow placing me where I am today. Not only did he help me find my space but also was always available to assist with all of my needs, from recommending a contractor or a lawyer, to the best local pizza or bank!
David Merwin, Kumon Learning Center in Mt. Kisco.