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Medical Office Space For Sale Fairfield County Services


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Medical Office Space For Sale Fairfield County Services

To become a physician, one must endure up to a decade or more of training. Anyone who wishes to become a doctor must sacrifice an entire phase of his or her life to training and education. That means minimal independence with maximum attention from professors, peers, and supervisors. Even following clinicals and residency, when one has become a full fledged doctor, he or she still must endure scrutiny from his or her peers.

Albeit, of all professional fields, medicine is one that deserves its checks and balances. Scrutiny against physicians who do not follow best practices is an entirely necessary aspect of the job. However, at long last, if a man or woman has proven to show good judgment and has demonstrated that he can handle the job on his or her own, it is within his or her rights to start a private practice. This is an exciting and liberating stepping stone for any physician to experience.

That being said, it does not come without its obstacles and setbacks. With independence comes more responsibility, and that goes beyond just the physician to patient interaction. You also have to worry about keeping your business afloat. And one of the most important factors to keeping a business afloat is its location. And therein lies one of the greatest challenges that private practice physicians must endure: Finding the right medical office space for their practice.

But don’t worry! We bring you good news. Rakow Group has precisely the service you need to make this phase of running your business as simple and painless as possible. With the assistance of our expert commercial real estate team, you can set aside the headache of finding the right medical office space and focus on matters that are more important. Here’s what we can do for you to make the search for the right office easy as pie.


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A High Emphasis On Collaboration And Teamwork

Our clients are our number 1 priority. 30 years in the business has led us to respect the fact that every client is different. That’s why we want to communicate directly with you. We want to listen to what you have to say and what you consider important. What are the crucial aspects that absolutely must be in your office? What are your ideal locations and what are the factors that you would like to see but are not imperative? Tell us everything and we will organize it, and then get back to you with a list of options that fit right into your criteria.

Professional Advice And Negotiation Assistance

  • This could be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Purchasing office space is by no means a small expenditure, but it is a worthy investment when you do it properly. Doing it properly means involving people who understand the industry like the back of their hand. That’s us. We have experience not only in commercial real estate in general, but particularly in medical office space for sale Fairfield County, Connecticut services. We have been at it for decades, which has allowed us to sharpen our expertise to a degree than none of our competitors can match. So when we finally find a place that you absolutely love, we’ll make sure you sit down at the negotiating table fully prepared to get the deal that you deserve.


The Rakow group worked tirelessly to find me the perfect space for my recently opened Kumon Learning Center in Mt Kisco. Matt's knowledge of the local market and his patience dealing with a first time business owner were key to Rakow placing me where I am today. Not only did he help me find my space but also was always available to assist with all of my needs, from recommending a contractor or a lawyer, to the best local pizza or bank!
David Merwin, Kumon Learning Center in Mt. Kisco.