November 21, 2016

Why Online Retailers are Transitioning to Real Retail Stores

Many findings from studies show that the number of online retailers who are opening physical stores is increasing. Having multiple channels for sales is a smart growth strategy for companies. Being limited to just online shopping, for example, is becoming obsolete. Customers like to shop in various formats, and giving them different options will positively affect sales. Commercial property for lease Westchester NY services has an expert team to guide you in choosing the right location for your first store.

Why Real Retail Stores?

Physical stores are great advertising and marketing vehicles. A physical location is a place for customers to look at merchandise first hand, but without the commitment of buying it. Shoppers want to touch, see, and try on clothing and accessories in an actual store. Companies need to realize they can’t completely ignore potential customers who want to feel and see the stock. When customers come into the store, you can hear directly from them what their preferences are. You can also start to notice similar trends among customers’ likes and dislikes.

Location, location, location

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a location for your first store. Some of these factors include an ability to support the store locally and the cost of the site. Additionally, it’s smart not to lock yourself into an expensive prime location until the store operations are secure. Leases are often ten or more plus years, so you want to ensure your store is in a sound financial situation. Look to commercial property for lease Westchester NY services to find that perfect space.

A smart space that an online retailer could consider for launching a store is in a shopping center or mall. It’s an attractive investment for the center to bring in something new from a brand perception.

Pluses of physical stores

Many online retail businesses like the idea of having a real store. It means they can observe real customers who come into their shop while gaining valuable insight into customer preferences.

The idea of opening a physical store comes with costs and can feel daunting for retailers because they’re used to connecting with customers via computers. However, they should know that the rewards from a real store can be significant. For example, the ability to reach new customers, faster growth, and customer loyalty are all benefits of physical locations.

At the end of the day, the most important factor is figuring out what consumers want, and providing it for them. Without consumers, there won’t be a business. If you’re an online retailer looking to transition to a real store, choose the Rakow Group to help you find the ideal commercial space. Commercial property for lease Westchester NY services will exceed all of your real estate expectations with the guidance of our expert team. Call us at the Rakow Group today to rent, sell, or buy commercial real estate space at (914) 422-0100.

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