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How To Pick A Real Estate Investment Manager You Can Count On


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How To Pick A Real Estate Investment Manager You Can Count On

If you’ve been sitting on some capital for a little while, now would be a good time to invest. And in case you’re pondering where would be a smart place to put your money, real estate has your name on it. With the right resources and guidance from a commercial properties for sale Westchester NY company like Rakow Group, you can count on building a plan that is sure to result in a return on investment (ROI) that will be unquestionably worth your while. To help get the ball rolling, here are just a few tips, free of charge, on how to choose the right investment managers when shopping for commercial real estate.

1. Calculate Investment Managers’ NOIs

You should know the people with whom you plan to discuss potential investments. More importantly, you should inform yourself on how they conduct business. A good starting point is figuring out an individual’s past net operating income (NOI). Figuring out how his or her NOI fluctuates upon adding value and capitalizing on investment opportunities will give you a good idea of whom you’re dealing with.

2. Factor In The State Of The Market When Checking Someone’s Track Record

A background check can go a long way in the real estate world. It will serve you well to know a thing or two about the careers of the managers with whom you plan to collaborate. That entails more than just checking the numbers of past deals. You should also inform yourself on the circumstances of the deals. Sometimes the market is just strong, while other times it’s weak. The market climate at the time of investment will speak toward an individual’s skill level and how reliable he or she could be when working with you.

3. Find Out How Prospective Managers Handle Unforeseen Events

It’s within your rights to ask about previous deals and/or cycles. More specifically, you should ask about deals that didn’t go according to plan. If you’re going to allow someone to manage your money, you should know how he or she is going to react to curveballs. It’s in these kinds of circumstances that an expert comes in handy. So you might as well work with someone who you can count on to deliver.

4. Consider Their Incentives And Vested Interests

If you really want someone to give you their all, then you must ensure that it is within his or her best interest as well for you to come out on top. If there are no consequences for your managers in the event that you don’t turn a marginable profit then you cannot expect this person to give you top quality work.

A great way to evade the risk of selecting a less than stellar manager is to go through a reputable company like the Rakow Group. Our commercial properties for sale Westchester NY services are second to none. To learn more about what we can do for you, give our Westchester office a call at 914-422-0100 Ext 10.

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