March 31, 2020

Supporting Our Commercial Real Estate Clients in CT, NY, and NJ

As a small business that has built deep relationships with our real estate clients and our Connecticut, New Jersey and New York community, we have been searching for a way to help our fellow businesses and we believe we can.


We know our real estate clients and the business community overall are focused on keeping their employees safe while also taking care of their own families. They are trying to figure out how to ensure their companies survive this COVID-19 pandemic and the financial strains it is putting on so many – including the strain of figure out how to pay their rent.


The team at RakowGroup is committed to our communities in Westchester, NY and Fairfield County. We can help businesses take a deep breath as we advocate on their behalf with their current landlords to renegotiate lease terms early and possibly procuring some free, reduced or deferred rent, and a temporary sense of relief for these businesses which we support and admire. There are no charges for our tenant representation services, and it would indeed be our honor to help relieve some of the stress you are feeling during this time.

If our services would be helpful to you or to someone you know, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would like to support our local Westchester County community and fellow businesses during this time.

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