February 21, 2017

Surprising Advantages Of A Smaller Office

There´s a simple explanation to why spacious offices are so appealing. Having control of more space empowers you, which gives you the sense of freedom, dominance and choice. Designers have been aware of this for years and have always incorporated it into their layout, architecture and decorative choices. Additionally, public speaking experts note the relationship between power and space too. They urge people to use good posture with broad shoulders to give listeners a sense of boldness and confidence. It´s easy to associate space with success! When searching for your next business space, use the Rakow Group. With expertise in all levels of selling and leasing commercial property, they are experts when finding your next commercial properties for lease in Westchester NY. Whether you are after your first professional space or are opening your tenth office, the Rakow Group are on hand.

In the United States, it is reported that most workers only get about 150 to 200 square feet per desk. It´s supposedly worse in other countries. In recent times, companies have adopted open floor plans to promote a sense of transparency and better communication. These methods allow companies to put more workers in a smaller space. It also allows businesses to remove privacy barriers leading to more productivity in the work place.

Research does however suggest that this method isn´t for everyone. Some individuals find elements like constant-noise, easier spread of illness´ and interruptions very stressful.

Find out with a few of these examples why a small work area can boost your business:


With big office spaces it is easy to let folders, books and other office supplies smother you and cramp your space. If you have only a few precious metres, you learn to prioritize what´s vital to have easy-to-hand. You will not be keeping unnecessary junk or spend unnecessarily on items that you “might need one day.”

You will also learn to focus on a digital world a lot more. This has huge advantages in the form of data sharing as well as speed of completion. A smaller office space also will make covering shifts easier. Usually in a smaller space there is less things to search through, saving time and in due course, money.


In a small office, traditional office furniture and supplies will probably not work. In turn, this means you will have to get your creative juices flowing to find a setup and design that both look good, as well as making you and your employees feel comfortable.

The levels of creativity used when designing your space can easily be carried over to your projects. These creative juices could allow you to solve ongoing problems with clients, just by thinking outside the box.


The obvious temptation when you have a lot of space, is to fill it or at least try. When a space is full, people can find it distracting when needed to work. With a clean, well-organized small-space, you will be able to resist the urge to multitask, which has been proven to be healthier for your brain.


For some people, walking into a huge office can be intimidating. They can easily perceive the person who occupies the space as being in charge. You should try to take advantage of your smaller work space by creating a more homely environment. Creating this kind of environment will invite more trust-filled conversations and a happier workforce.

It´s obvious that smaller office spaces have their limitations but they don´t have to be a death sentence for amazing work. They offer you the perfect excuse to think outside the box, engage in positive communication, stay on task and keep costs down. So the Rakow Group urges you to make the most of the space you´ve got!

When searching for commercial properties for lease in Westchester NY, you should utilize the expertize of Rakow Group. With years of experience selling and leasing commercial property, they are industry experts ready to answer all your questions.

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