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Taking Advantage of Industrial Office Flex-Space


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Taking Advantage of Industrial Office Flex-Space

What if you had the opportunity to transform an industrial office space into something that meets seemingly every necessary property qualification for your business? Commercial real estate is constantly evolving and changing, creating new opportunities and chances to make money for those willing to pursue renting or buying property. An intriguing new trend has come up surrounding industrial space for rent known as industrial office flex-space.

An industrial office flex-space is essentially a space found in industrial and commercial office parks that offers customization and flexibility for tenants and owners. It is the chameleon of the commercial property world that can adapt and change to meet the needs of its occupants. We have prepared the following article to help you realize the many advantages of industrial office flex-space.

Industrial office flex-space can be a variety of things. It can include warehouses, traditional business structures, light industrial buildings, and more. Traditionally, industrial office flex-space is a single-story industrial building that is at least twenty-five percent office space. Finding this specific type of industrial space for lease is a breeze with a professional firm like Rakow Group!

Technology companies usually find a lot of value with industrial office flex-spaces. The space can be inexpensively purchased or leased and is extremely versatile. It’s a great option for tech companies because they usually start small but also have the potential to grow extremely quickly. This is actually a problem that lots of startup companies face, but industrial office flex-space provides the solution! It allows them to “grow into”their office space and also provides an innovative and modern feel that is attractive for millennial workers.

Perhaps the most intriguing advantage to pursuing an industrial office flex space is the sheer amount of options the space can provide. If you need a traditional office space, you can use it as such. If you have a business that requires a retail showroom, a distribution area, or a room for a sales team, the space can be customized to meet those needs. Flexibility is always a huge advantage.

Finding the ideal industrial space for rent can be tricky sometimes. The Rakow Group would love to help you find the perfect space for your business needs. We can also assist with finding spaces that allow you to take advantage of the flex-office space concept. Give us a call today and we can answer any questions you might have about office space real estate and beyond!


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