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How Telecommuting is Changing Commercial Real Estate


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How Telecommuting is Changing Commercial Real Estate

It’s clear that technology will forever be transforming every aspect of our culture. From sales to marketing to social media, technology is everywhere. This is no different in commercial real estate. Advances in the technological world are continuing to accelerate, especially in the last few years. Many studies show that telecommuting is certainly going to have an impact on commercial real estate in the coming years. This impact will present new opportunities for commercial brokers. For all of your real estate needs, commercial property for lease Westchester NY services is here to guide you in the right direction.

Benefits of remote work

When it comes to real estate, technology continues to be a channel for change. Workers today are the most mobile they’ve ever been. Constantly being connected means businesses can operate from literally anywhere in the world. We are no longer limited to workers who live near the same city. Different time zones and foreign languages are a help, not a hindrance, and this is exactly how to find top talent.

A more remote staff also changes how companies choose where they want their locations. There’s less need to have one a single office where the whole team joins. But now, companies can choose areas that are more convenient to where their employees live. This allows for more flexibility, which consequently can lead to higher job performance.

Another idea is that companies can choose to use many smaller offices to make it easy for the remote workers to update, check in, or connect with the business when needed. They can also do so for using the company’s tools and resources.

Does this mean more or less office space?

As technology advances, the trend of remote workers is going to advance right alongside with it. Corporate downsizing from the 2008 recession also factors into what could become a decreased need for office space.

Although telecommuting isn’t always possible for every employee within a company, many have still been able to utilize remote workers successfully. This reduces the amount of office space that most businesses need to accommodate all of their employees.

In Memphis, for example, Cushman & Wakefield/Commerical Advisors’ 2015 Mid-Year Market Reports suggests positive office activity, meaning high occupancy rates and pre-recession rent levels. Furthermore, advances in technology will continue changing work arrangements. This means either downsizing space or encouraging employees to be involved in more remote work.

Technology is always changing how we work, which means work is always changing, too. Commercial real estate needs to change along with it, too, if it wants to keep up with growing trends. Companies can balance serving their remote workforce while managing their commercial real estate occupancy costs. It seems as though telecommuting is positively impacting the business world. Rakow Commerical Realty Group is the perfect place to start for all of your commercial real estate needs. With office space to rent, sell, and buy, our expert team will guide you every step of the way. Call us today with commercial property for lease Westchester NY services at (914) 422-0100.




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