In renegotiations, knowledge and experience can save you money.

Most company owners and executives have much less experience and knowledge in commercial lease negotiations than the commercial real estate professional sitting across the table. Adding a RakowGroup Commercial Tenant Representative on your side of the negotiating table will give you the best chance of achieving more favorable terms and many important options at no cost to you!

Our tenant representatives assist hundreds of commercial tenants every year, some with as long as three years remaining on their leases. We provide fair tenant representation services whether you stay in your existing space with a renewed lease or move to any other building. RakowGroup can save you money and get a better deal.

RakowGroup will do a thorough review of many other critical commercial lease terms such as options to renew, rights to expand, rights to contract, and rights to cancel. This gives our commercial real estate clients tremendous flexibility on important issues building agents cannot, and certainly will not, advocate for you. In addition, our fee, which is built into every transaction whether you use us or not, is paid by the landlord.

Regardless of the amount of time remaining on your lease, act now. Our tenant representatives will meet with you – at no charge and no obligation – to help review your needs and to draft an appropriate plan of action.

RakowGroup Tenant Representation Services:

  • New Lease Negotiations
  • Existing Commercial Lease Renegotiation
  • End of Lease Renewal Negotiations
  • Expansion and Consolidation Negotiations

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We are a commercial real estate firm specializing in buying, selling, lease negotiations, and relocations.

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