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The Commercial Real Estate Leasing Starter Kit


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industrial property for sale Putnam County

The Commercial Real Estate Leasing Starter Kit

Rakow Group is a retail, medical, and industrial property for sale Putnam County company. Our services include searching, networking, consulting, and negotiating for rent, lease, purchase, or sale of commercial property.

The Rakow Group team knows a thing or two about commercial real estate. We’ve been working in this industry for three decades. Our longtime experience is in commercial real estate in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties. Drawing from the testimonials of our past clients, you can judge for yourself whether our advice is sound. Here are the criteria that we follow in order to ensure that our clients always remain happy.

Build a trusting relationship with the client

Our top priority always has been and always will be our clients. In order for us to do our jobs well, we need to understand our clients’ industries, businesses, and goals. We make it our mission to listen closely to what our clients consider to be important to their business succeeding. We then think critically about what we can contribute in order to help assist them in achieving their goals.

Offer a range of solution to the client

After speaking with and listening intently to our clients about their companies’ backgrounds, where they see things going in the future, and how a change or expansion in real estate factors into their plans, we then take time to map out different possible solutions to their problems. We work hard to determine what would be the most effectual plan of action moving forward.

Build partnerships for future business endeavors

Our relations with various landlords and property owners in our many targeted service areas have allowed us to streamline the process of locating the perfect property for our clients and getting them into negotiations. We’ve spent the past three decades establishing and strengthening these relations. And with these close ties we’ve managed to do our job even better with each year.

Attract new clientele

We’re always open for new business. We’re proud of the way we have managed to help so many people find the spaces they need to run their businesses. Whether your company is in retail, medicine, industrial, apartments, or something else, we’re confident that we have the expertise you need.

If you want to know more about Rakow Group’s industrial property for sale Putnam County services, get in touch by calling (914) 758-0220 today.


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