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The Three Main Types of Commercial Real Estate Investments


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The Three Main Types of Commercial Real Estate Investments

It takes money to make money. This old adage holds true in many different ways, particularly, when it comes to commercial real estate investments. You need to have sufficient capital to even be in the market for commercial real estate purchases. However, if you decide to make an investment in real estate, you are opening up a world of opportunities to see your investment appreciate in value.

It takes a savvy investor with knowledge of the commercial real estate market to find something that might make a good investment. Additionally, using a great brokerage firm like Rakow Group provides you with the resources to make an investment that is likely to bring you a great return on your investment. We can help you find the best commercial property for sale and work with sellers during negotiations on your behalf. Below, we will discuss the three main types of commercial real estate investments to give you a better sense of the great opportunities waiting for you in commercial real estate.

  1. Land Investments

One of the more common types of commercial property for sale comes in the form of land. This can be a truly great investment if you purchase land in the right area. There are several ways to make money by purchasing raw land. You can simply hold onto the land and hope that the value appreciates. Additionally, you can use the land to build commercial office buildings or shopping centers and ultimately sell them. If it’s farmland, you can allow farmers to raise livestock or grow crops. The potential for investments in land is huge.

  1. Retail Space

When seeking commercial property for sale, retail space is always a great property type to keep on your radar. Always consider the location of the retail space you are looking to buy before making in big decisions. Purchasing retail space in a high traffic area that is growing will help ensure that your investment pays off in the end.

  1. Office Buildings

The third main type of commercial real estate investments is office buildings. Office space is normally in high demand, regardless of the location. You can invest in office space real estate and receive cash flows from any tenants that are occupying the space during the period in which you own it. There’s even more investment potential for office space in a major metropolitan area. If you are seeking commercial property for sale, contact the Rakow Group today.


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