July 1, 2020

Why Your Business Needs Tenant Representation Services


In commercial lease negotiations, most company owners and executives have much less experience and knowledge than the landlord or leasing agent who is sitting across the table. Adding a commercial real estate broker to your team will give you more leverage, rights, and flexibility at no cost to you. Traditionally, landlords have a commission built into every office space lease whether you use a broker or not, so why not give yourself the advantage of an expert commercial real estate agent on your side.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Commercial Real Estate Broker


Here are the top five reasons to use a commercial real estate broker:

  1. Before you begin to look at commercial properties, a commercial real estate broker can help you with a needs analysis to determine how much and what type of office space is ideal for your business.
  2. A local commercial real estate broker will know the buildings and all the associated players in the area – whether for a small retail shop or medical office, or large commercial property.
  3. A commercial real estate broker will tour commercial properties with you to evaluate each space’s pros and cons and help you determine the best location for your business. With experience with hundreds of properties, a broker will see things that you may not.
  4. A commercial real estate broker has the right knowledge to deal with landlords and building agents, understand the actual occupancy costs, and assess office space lease terms to negotiate the best possible lease for your company.
  5. The work doesn’t stop when the lease is signed. A local real estate broker will connect you with contractors and other partners to help you with the many tasks involved in a corporate real estate project – from professional services and moving companies to space planners and art dealers.

Relationships are essential, so having a commercial real estate broker that you can trust is critical. You never know when you may need to renegotiate your office space lease, so having a partner that understands your business will make that process easier. If you need to expand or move your business, the relationship will pay off then as well.


Whether searching for a new commercial property, renegotiating an existing lease, or simply exploring your options, partnering with an experienced, local commercial real estate broker is in your business’ best interest.

For more information on commercial real estate or tenant representation services, contact RakowGroup today!

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