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Advocate - /ˈadvəkət/-
a person who fights for the rights and best interests of others.


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Commercial Realty

There are many things to consider when looking for commercial real estate.

Rakow Commercial Realty Group helps companies like yours negotiate the most favorable terms and options for your relocation, renegotiation or new commercial real estate needs.

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Why RakowGroup?


We have trusted, long-term partnerships with thousands of businesses throughout the tri-state area.

Regional Insight

Your business needs are impacted by regional economic conditions. Let's leverage them. Our experience can help you!


We listen to your time constraints, budget and business concerns. We respect your needs and your time!

Understanding your commercial real estate needs is important when figuring out your next move. We can help you decide how much space you will need, allowing for growth and the success of your future business needs.

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We are a commercial real estate firm specializing in buying, selling, lease negotiations, and relocations.

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