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Medical Office Property For Sale Fairfield County


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Medical Office Property For Sale Fairfield County

For anyone on the hunt for the best Medical Office Property For Sale services in Fairfield County, Connecticut, we bring you good news. Your search has come to a close. Rakow Group harnesses the experience and expertise of 30 hard fought years in the commercial real estate industry. Over these past three decades, we’ve expanded our network and our knowledge to a degree that once seemed impossible. We’ve adapted to every pitfall and curveball that the industry has thrown to us. And we’ve leveraged this durability in such a way that allows to further benefit our clients. Here’s why Rakow Group continues to stand the test of time, no matter the circumstances.

We Have Expert Knowledge On Finding Medical Office

We won’t stop until you have the space you need to run your business properly in your pocket. Finding, securing, and purchasing office space for physicians is not the same as other industries. There are a number of additional prerequisite requirements that one must consider before even considering going into negotiations. Without the right people working with you, the amount of time you spend searching can vary tremendously. That’s why it’s so crucial to narrow your focus by finding the right people for the job.

We’re Excellent Listeners

Over the years, we’ve learned the importance of communication. That’s why we take the time to give all of our clients the proper attention so that we can fully understand their goals and priorities. We want to understand what you are looking for. By combining our expertise and your knowledge of your particular practice, we can find the ideal space that fit perfectly within your prerogatives and budget. We’ll consider all the factors and variables, to which we’ll have a deep understand thanks to detailed conversations throughout the search, negotiation and purchasing process.


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We’ll Walk You Through The Tricky Parts Step By Step

Real estate, be it residential or commercial, is an industry ripe with scammers. Even for those with honest intentions may be unknowingly giving you an unfair price. It’s important to do your research, but also, to include people who understand how the industry works. Commercial real estate is not simply a bottom line kind of a deal. There are number of variables that factor into the price that you will want to consider. Most importantly, you should make it clear that you do not want the people with whom you’re doing business to leave you in the dark. With Rakow on your side, that will never happen.

We Provide Consulting Services And Assistance With Negotiations

  • At long last, after searching through our immense network of options, which we will narrow down to the best possible options based on your prerogatives, the time will eventually come for you to choose one. And when you do, the time will come for you to sit down at the negotiation table and agree on a price. With Rakow Group consulting you each step of the way, you can count on agreeing on a number that will be most favorable to you and your company’s future.


The Rakow group worked tirelessly to find me the perfect space for my recently opened Kumon Learning Center in Mt Kisco. Matt's knowledge of the local market and his patience dealing with a first time business owner were key to Rakow placing me where I am today. Not only did he help me find my space but also was always available to assist with all of my needs, from recommending a contractor or a lawyer, to the best local pizza or bank!
David Merwin, Kumon Learning Center in Mt. Kisco.