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Buying Or Selling Commercial Property Get The Best Deal With Rakow Commercial Realty Group

For Over 30 years, Rakow Commercial Realty Group has been helping companies like yours negotiate the most favorable terms and options for Selling or Leasing Your Commercial Real Estate

Rakow Commercial Realty Group has a proven track record of increasing the likelihood of your property selling in less time, and getting you the best price possible. We’ve built a rock-solid reputation as the go-to company to turn hard assets into liquid assets.

Our experience, expertise, and activity in the market provides our clients with the following benefits:


  • We put your property in front of our extensive network of interested buyers
  • We organize and execute multi-media marketing campaigns to drive prospects to your property
  • Activate traditional and non-traditional methods of advertising to boost your visibility
  • Rakow Commercial Realty Group provides you with up-to-date, insider’s knowledge of the market


  • We negotiate the best price with the most advantageous terms for your business
  • We save you significant time versus do-it-yourself selling of commercial real estate
  • Background on buyer’s reputation
  • No cost / no obligation consultations
  • Call today to get started – 914 422-0100 Ext 13




Rakow Commercial Realty Group specialist will provide a detailed report on your property and then contact you to discuss the report – No Fee or Obligation – GUARANTEED – Your Rakow Commercial Realty Group communications will be kept strictly confidential.

Why Work With Rakow Commercial Realty Group

  • Time Efficiency. Don’t waste time looking at the wrong buildings or talking with the wrong sellers.  We will create an efficient plan to find you the right space for your business and your budget.
  • Experience. Rakow Commercial Realty Group has 30 years’ experience in sales negotiations.
  • Commercial Real Estate Is Expensive. Generally commercial real estate sales are one of the largest items on a corporate business balance sheet.  Buyer’s representatives almost always have more experience and market knowledge than you when negotiating. Level the playing field with a Rakow Commercial Realty Group Representative on your team.
  • Create A Balanced Decision For Your Business. When it comes to commercial real estate purchases, we can help you factor in all of the financial, location, physical, operational and brand image considerations.
  • Avoid Headaches And Unexpected Costs. A poorly negotiated deal is a minefield of trouble for your business.  Our experience, expertise and market knowledge will empower you throughout the negotiation process, and help you get the best deal for your needs.
  • Are You Considering A Sublet? This is no territory for the inexperienced. Rakow Commercial Realty Group can help you protect your interests.
  • Simplify Your Move. We can recommend professionals in specialties ranging from design and construction to telecom, security, insurance, moving and many more.





The Rakow Commercial Realty Group made my dream of opening a butcher shop in Dobbs Ferry a reality. My agent listened closely to my needs and worked hard for months to find the perfect home for Campbell Meats. His professionalism and knowledge of the Rivertowns is second to none - and he even connected me with my first two wholesale customers!"
Matt Campbell
Campbell Meats
3 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522