April 20, 2017

Do You Need A New Office Space?

It’s difficult to know whether your business needs a new office space. Perhaps you’re worrying about a change, or the hassle of moving, but at times a new office is a must! With Rakow Group, we focus on five signs that suggest you’re ready for a new office space. With the Rakow Group, you can feel confident in finding your next office space for rent, no matter the size or budget.

Here are five clues that suggest a relocation of office space is a good idea:

Restriction on Growth

If you’re a business that has serious plans of expansion, yet your office space is restricting, it’s time to start searching for a new space. You shouldn’t wait until you are desperate to move, as this is likely to lead to an irrational, and possibly, incorrect decision.

You should pre-empt change and seek help from a qualified CRE broker, such as Rakow, who can help you negotiate the best deal possible. If you anticipate a change of office early enough, it can save you time, money and a great deal of stress for you and your business.

Costs Too High

Secondly, if you are spending too much of your profits on your office lease, you should seek a more financially responsible space. An expensive loft offering great views is a good fit for you ego, but damaging to your business and its finances.

This suggests that perhaps it’s time to work with a new CRE broker who are able to offer you a wider variety of attractive properties, more suited to your budget. The Rakow Group has a number of properties available to suit all types of budget.

Lack Of Privacy

Although it may seem trendy to have your employees working in a large, shared, space together, bear in mind that people need privacy. Usually, individuals need privacy as much as they need a community, in order to complete their work.

If your current office space lacks private areas for meetings or making phone calls, you should start searching for your next office that offers more privacy. Depending on the individual, people like a quiet and distraction-free area, to really get their head down and be productive.

Not A True Reflection Of Your Business & Brand

If you’re a fresh and innovative tech startup, you don’t want to be working in an office that is more suitable to a 1940’s law firm! When your office space contrasts with your company’s culture, it can have a negative effect on your employees and your reputation.

It’s very important to work in a space that both complements the brand you’re building, as well as the products/services you’re selling. Your office space acts as a conscious reminder to all employees, the business’s core values and everything you want them to represent.

Struggling To Retain & Attract Talent

Is the amount of people your companies turning over increasing? Are potential new employees turning down brilliant job offers? Of course there could be a number of reasons for this, but one reason you should never neglect, is your office space.

People want to work in an engaging, inspiring and clean environment in order to maximize their full potential. If your office space is messy, noisy and disorganized, it’s time to search for an upgrade of office space. If you don’t consider changing office environments, you will risk losing talented individuals on a regular basis.


Whatever your hesitation regarding a change of offices, the consequences of not moving to a more engaging and productive environment, can be far more damaging than the temporary hassle of relocating.

If you and your business are interested in a new office space for rent, you should get in touch with Rakow Group now. Offering superior negotiation skills, with a friendly and confident customer service team, they are sure to find you the best deal for your next office.

Give the Rakow Group a call now on (914) 422-0100 or (203) 359-5703.

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